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Flotex Carpet Tiles at Surefit Carpets

Flotex Carpet Tiles

Flotex Calgary at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire


The Flotex Calgary range offers a choice of colours in a soft, natural design that can easily be combined with other complementary Flotex or resilient ranges. Calgary is the perfect choice for application areas that require a muted ambiance.


Flotex, Calgary, Carbon, Carpet Tile Flotex, Calgary, Cement, Carpet Tile Flotex, Calgary, Caramel, Carpet Tile Flotex, Calgary, Sahara, Carpet Tile
590019 Carbon 590012 Cement 590013 Caramel 590006 Sahara
Flotex, Calgary, Sky, Carpet Tile Flotex, Calgary, Grey, Carpet Tile Flotex, Calgary, Espresso, Carpet Tile Flotex, Calgary, Melon, Carpet Tile
590001 Sky 590002 Grey 590023 Espresso 590005 Melon
Flotex, Calgary, Azure, Carpet Tile Flotex, Calgary, Ash, Carpet Tile Flotex, Calgary, Toffee, Carpet Tile Flotex, Calgary, Red, Carpet Tile
590015 Azure 590010 Ash 590020 Toffee 590003 Red


Flotex Integrity at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire


The Flotex Integrity range is the perfect fit for the office and business environment. It is suitable for both large and moderately sized spaces that require a tranquil modern atmosphere. The base colours of Flotex integrity and the subtle pinstripe design offer a distinctive floor for the professional setting.


Flotex, Integrity, Grey, Carpet Tile Flotex, Integrity, Granite, Carpet Tile Flotex, Integrity, Blue, Carpet Tile Flotex, Integrity, Navy, Carpet Tile
500004 Grey 500010 Granite 500005 Blue 500007 Navy
Flotex, Integrity, Leaf, Carpet Tile Flotex, Integrity, Taupe, Carpet Tile Flotex, Integrity, Forest, Carpet Tile Flotex, Integrity, Charcoal, Carpet Tile
500001 Leaf 500008 Taupe 500002 Forest 500011 Charcoal


Flotex Metro at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire


The Flotex Metro range is a versatile semi-plain design which covers a wide and modern colour bank. The understated pattern conveys texture without definite form, creating an authentic feel that is unique to Flotex.

This collection lends itself to office or retail applications but will work in any location where a subtle textile look is desired.


Flotex, Metro, Nimbus, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Grey, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Ash, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Anthracite, Carpet Tile
546005 Nimbus 546006 Grey 546007 Ash 546008 Anthracite
Flotex, Metro, Gull, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Lagoon, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Horizon, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Indigo, Carpet Tile
546004 Gull 546020 Lagoon 546023 Horizon 546001 Indigo
Flotex, Metro, Mineral, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Tempest, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Carbon, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Grape, Carpet Tile
546018 Mineral 546002 Tempest 546024 Carbon 546016 Grape
Flotex, Metro, Sand, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Amber, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Melon, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Berry, Carpet Tile
546012 Sand 546013 Amber 546003 Melon 546017 Berry
Flotex, Metro, Pebble, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Pepper, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Cocoa, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Chocolate, Carpet Tile
546011 Pebble 546009 Pepper 546015 Cocoa 546010 Chocolate
Flotex, Metro, Citrus, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Evergreen, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Moss, Carpet Tile Flotex, Metro, Concrete, Carpet Tile
546019 Citrus 546022 Evergreen 546021 Moss 546014 Concrete


Flotex Samba at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire


Samba offers a wide colour choice combined with a semi-plain, random pattern that adds interest to its environment. The pattern can be easily combined with other colours or Flotex ranges and is available in both sheet and tile format.


Flotex, Samba, Grey, Carpet Tile Flotex, Samba, Ash, Carpet Tile Flotex, Samba, Anthracite, Carpet Tile Flotex, Samba, Reseda, Carpet Tile
520116 Grey 520031 Ash 520050 Anthracite 520035 Reseda
Flotex, Samba, Blue, Carpet Tile Flotex, Samba, Indigo, Carpet Tile Flotex, Samba, Brick, Carpet Tile Flotex, Samba, Red, Carpet Tile
520141 Blue 520140 Indigo 520073 Brick 520049 Red

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