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JHS Carpet Tiles at Surefit Carpets

JHS Carpet Tiles

JHS Cartel at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire



jhs, cartel, wine, Carpet Tile jhs, cartel, royal blue, Carpet Tile jhs, denim, cartel, Carpet Tile jhs, cartel, sage, Carpet Tile
382 Wine 581 Royal Blue 595 Denim 601 Sage
jhs, cartel, grey, Carpet Tile jhs, cartel, black, Carpet Tile
900 Grey 990 Black


JHS Mainstay at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire


The J.H.S. Mainstay range is suitable for schools, offices, commercial, public and private sector buildings, residences, lines shops, domestic areas, care homes and other general flooring areas. Available in 13 colours.


jhs, mainstay, sky, Carpet Tile jhs, mainstay, night shade Carpet Tile jhs, mainstay, barley, Carpet Tile jhs, mainstay, cedar, Carpet Tile
100 Sky 101 Night Shade 155 Barley 306 Cedar
jhs, mainstay, scarlet, Carpet Tile jhs, mainstay, raspberry, Carpet Tile jhs, mainstay, dusk, Carpet Tile jhs, mainstay, english mustard, Carpet Tile
392 Scarlet 501 Raspberry 528 Dusk 600 English Mustard
jhs, mainstay, clover, Carpet Tile jhs, mainstay, bark, Carpet Tile jhs, mainstay, aluminum, Carpet Tile jhs, mainstay, slate, Carpet Tile
668 Clover 822 Bark 900 Aluminum 901 Slate
jhs, mainstay, charcoal, Carpet Tile
966 Charcoal


JHS Natural Lines at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire



jhs, natural lines, dune, Carpet Tile jhs, natural lines, earth, Carpet Tile jhs, natural Lines, Wood, Carpet Tile jhs, Natural Lines, Cream, Carpet Tile
10000 Dune 11000 Earth 20000 Wood 26070 Cream
jhs, natural lines, beige, Carpet Tile jhs, natural lines, birch, Carpet Tile jhs, natural lines, praline, Carpet Tile jhs, natural lines, mouse, Carpet Tile
26150 Beige 26610 Birch 26630 Praline 26650 Mouse
jhs, natural lines, anthracite, Carpet Tile jhs, natural lines, stone, Carpet Tile jhs, natural lines, harvest, Carpet Tile jhs, natural lines, vanilla, Carpet Tile
26660 Anthracite 30000 Stone 40000 Harvest 70000 Vanilla


JHS Taunton at Surefit Carpets Yorkshire



jhs, taunton, red, Carpet Tile jhs, taunton, lime, Carpet Tile jhs, taunton, sapphire, Carpet Tile jhs, taunton, twilight, Carpet Tile
1 Red 2 Lime 3 Sapphire 4 Twilight
jhs, taunton, taupe, Carpet Tile jhs, taunton, brown, Carpet Tile jhs, taunton, steel, Carpet Tile jhs, taunton, silver, Carpet Tile
5 Taupe 6 Brown 7 Steel 8 Silver
jhs, taunton, grey, Carpet Tile jhs, taunton, onyx, Carpet Tile jhs, taunton, fire cracker, Carpet Tile jhs, taunton, starlight, Carpet Tile
9 Grey 10 Onyx 11 Fire Cracker 12 Starlight

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