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Top 10 Tips When Buying Carpet!

Please also read our Surefit Target Prices, We have put together a Target price for all of the things that you are most likely to require when buying a new carpet - If your local store is unable to match these prices simply give us a call!

  1. High Pricing - Don't be fooled by endless 75% off sales !No business can sell anything for 75% off year after year! How do they do it then? You have seen the adverts  Huge 75% off Sale "New Twist" WAS £20.00Mtr - NOW ONLY £5.00MtrThe truth is the carpet is only worth £5.00 per Mtr ! How do they get away with it ? Well there are so many different carpets they can take a range and rebrand it - If they call the new range "New Range Twist" then you won't find it anywhere else to check the ORIGINAL PRICETest this yourself and ask for 75% off a Branded Carpet like Cormar or Brinton's or take the sample and try to find the same carpet for sale at the original price £20.00 per Mtr.
  2. Don't Buy too much - Go shopping with your sizes!! Please take the time to measure your rooms before going carpet shopping - this way you can get a more accurate price before you commit to anything. If you say your rooms "About a 5 x 4" then you can only get a really rough price. For a hall stairs and landing, just draw out the hall and landing shapes and put measurements on each side of the drawing - Just measure the stair width and count how many stairs you have - The carpet shop will work out how much carpet you will need!
  3. Carpet Underlay - Remember one thing. You don't have to buy the carpet underlay from the same shop as the carpet - Decide which Underlay you like then ask for the name and SHOP AROUND ! The carpet underlay is the place where the profit lies for most shops. Don't ever pay more than £5.99 per mtr for even the thickest rubber or foam underlay
  4. Carpet Grippers - Quite often the carpet gripper is a rip off!Don't pay more than 10p per foot or 50p per 5' foot length
  5. Door Plates and Adhesives Standard Metal door plates should be around £3.00 Per Door with specialist (Extra Wide or Stick down) plates at £5.00 per Door Some shops charge up to £15.00 per door!
  6. Delivery Charges - If you have bought a carpet and paid for it fitting Please don't pay delivery charges - These charges are always negotiable - Refuse to pay them!!
  7. Insist on a visit from the shops estimator - Remember it's the estimators job to check your measurements and produce a cutting plan for the fitters, he can advise on which carpet will be most suitable, check the floors and offer advice on moving furniture and preparing the room prior to the fitters arriving, This always saves problems on the day of fitting!
  8. Take a sample home - The sample will always look a slightly different colour at home under your lighting as most shops have strip lights - Your wall colours can also make the carpet look a shade lighter or darker - Also while you have your sizes and a sample its quite easy to call into another shop for a Quick price check !!
  9. Beware of paying the fitter separate - Please ask "Who is responsible if the fitter makes a bad job" Paying separately usually means that your contract for the fitting is with the fitter and not the shop - If you have a problem the shop could ask you to take it up with the fitter. Please check the small print regarding fitting on the back of your invoice!
  10. Additional Services: Ask yourself "Do I need any of the following additional services?"Uplifting your existing carpets and flooring? Y NRemoving and replacing your furniture? Y NRepair the subfloor prior to fitting? Y NTrim any doors if required? Y NRemove old floor coverings, Cut offs and carpet tube to the tip? Y N

    Ask for prices on additional services BEFORE placing your order as this gives you the opportunity to haggle and maybe get the doors trimmed or furniture moved for Free !

Please also read our Surefit Target Prices, We have put together a Target price for all of the things that you are most likely to require when buying a new carpet – If your local store is unable to match these prices simply give us a call!

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