The number one trick to keep your carpet looking new is regular vacuuming. Twice a week is best. This removes any grit and dirt that may accumulate and become abrasive, which leads to wear and tear.
Protect your carpets further by placing door mats at all entry points to the home. This will prevent dirt, grit and moisture from entering on people’s shoes. Try to clean the door mats too, to make the protection more efficient.
Rubber soled shoes and all types of heels can wear away carpets and rugs, especially in front of chairs where heel abrasion is difficult to avoid. Periodically moving chairs and restricting the use of sports shoes and trainers in certain areas is a good idea.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets will naturally need a thorough clean by a specialist cleaning company once in a while. This will remove all dirt to bring back your carpet’s appearance and colour.
If you take carpet cleaning into your own hands, be sure to test a small, unobtrusive area first. And always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If a stain reappears again, the spill and/or the cleaning agent may not have been completely removed. In that case, clean and rinse the carpet again.
If in doubt consult a carpet cleaning specialist. If you need any further advice, call us on 0114 321 7511 or Contact Us.

Spills and stains

The basic rule for dealing with spills and stains is to act fast. Gently dab the excess spill with a paper towel or a clean white cloth. Never rub. Rubbing can spread the stain and damage the carpet.
Once you’ve soaked up the spill, take an appropriate cleaning product and use a small, soft brush, cloth or sponge to work on the stain. Always work from the outside to the center. Never pour the product directly on the stain.
Always take note of what’s written on your cleaning products. Some harsh cleaners can damage your carpet and remove the colour. So make sure you do a test on a small, out-of-the-way area first.
Once your carpet is free from the stain, blot up any excess liquid and let the spot dry. Use a hairdryer if you like. Then if the stain is still visible, repeat the process until you’re happy with the results.

Quick tips

  • Soak up liquid with kitchen roll, tissues, toilet roll or a clean cloth
  • Scoop up or scrape off any solids
  • Try to identify unknown spots prior to treatment. If unsure, use a solvent first
  • Always blot the stain, never rub
  • Always work from the outside edge of the stain inwards
  • Take care with applying solvents to bitumen-backed carpet tiles
  • When using solvents always ensure there’s plenty of fresh air ventilation
  • Always thoroughly rinse out water-based spotters with clean water
  • Dry the spot, if possible, with a hair dryer

Further help

If the stain proves difficult to remove you should consider calling a professional carpet cleaning company. Most companies will do a spot clean for a small charge.
If you need any further advice, call us on 0114 321 7511 or Contact Us.